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With a range of tent structures to suit all locations, styles and budgets, Origin Tents can find an existing design or tailor-make one that reflects your imagination.

Low-key, simple initiatives such as the OFPANZ Award-winning Tussock Bell tent can be erected in a small amount of time. They meet the need for a sturdy, spacious and elegant structure for a small budget. The range of custom-made boutique tents includes tipis, bell tents and our very own Pentacle.

More complex again are our semi-permanent roundhouses and council-consented yurts, which are more elaborate and can be used as permanent dwellings. These luxury structures have been designed in conjunction with architects; engineered to meet the requirements of the NZ Building Code and passed the consent processes of nationwide building authorities.

Journeys hand-in-hand with pioneering free-thinkers have given the opportunity for individuals and families to live in cost-effective homes. These experiences can help you take luxury camping to the next level.

From the moment you step into one of our yurts, the feeling of peace envelops. The geometrical harmony of the oiled wood lattice and rafters, the softness of the linen lining, the dampened sounds from the cosy insulation - all create a space that quickly converts the uninitiated. Ask any yurt dweller.

We have solved traditional problems such as internal moisture control, structural solidity and heating. We can evaluate your requirements based on our long-standing experiences. For a limited investment, a quiet corner of your property can house an accommodation which can be furnished luxuriously to generate financial returns immediately.

All this combines to provide a service unmatched in New Zealand.

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