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Glamping is not just about the place. It's also the shelter that creates the feeling.

Few places on Earth are blessed like New Zealand with the combination of ingredients to suit glamping. Vast panoramas, stunning skies and overwhelming tranquility. The soothing sounds of moving water, a dulcet bird call or the gentle rustle of treetops in the wind. The warming glow of an open fire, the crackle of twigs, faint plumes of woodsmoke rising to the stars. The feelings of being Human before civilisation took over - but with a fine wine and hearty meal by candlelight.

And that's why you want Origin Tents on your site. Rowan and Monique have lived this dream. From humble beginnings living with their family in a yurt up some forgotten valley near Motueka, manufacturing tents from the deck of an open-air trailer workshop, they have tried and tested their designs. They have been warmed by fires fuelled by hand-chopped wood from the nearby forests . They have stayed cosy while the best of New Zealand storms lashed rain on the canvas roof and they have enjoyed the laughter of family fun breaking down the thin veneer between Human and Nature.

Rowan is a multi-talented tent maker. He has a Diploma in Tailoring and Design, but it's his experience which counts. With a practical mind for designing robust framing, technical skill on the sewing machine and an innate tendency to think outside the tent, he is able to create structures which are aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and will withstand all the elements can throw at them.

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