Award Winning Yurts

Yurt award winning NZ design

Yurt award winning NZ design
Yurt award winning NZ design

New Zealand council consented yurts

Tasman Canvas/Origin Tents Ltd has produced yurts or gers for well over a decade. Design detail has evolved a lot over that period and now comes with the security of qualified structural engineering and compliance with NZ building codes.

Yurts can be used for a dwelling, a sleepout, a yoga or meditation retreat, a bach, an office or a workshop.

Yurts are amazing how quick they can be erected! You can be in comfort in your yurt in a matter of weeks!We make yurt frames ahead of time so we can deliver within a short time-frame once fabric colours, window and door placement is established.

Our standard sizes range are 6m diameter [28.27sqm],
7m diameter[38.46sqm],
8m diameter[50.26sqm] and
9m diameter[63.61sqm], however larger sizes can be organised.

Tasman canvas/Origin tents yurts come as a package that include all components from the ground or floor up. PVC canvas roof membrane with integrated awning for the door area, fully treated canvas wall outers with windows, a full frame kit including a timber door. Yurts can have more than one door and french doors are an option.

Add to this an insulation and lining package, and put it on a variety of floor options and you have a warm, dry, beautiful dwelling .

We can arrange all your building requirements for you, from consent plans to complete builds.

Contact us for a discussion about how you we can assist you to get into a yurt
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