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Yurt Living

Yurt living
Yurt living

Tasman Canvas is working on an exciting new development as well as rethinking and updating some of the design features of our existing yurts. This means they will be unavailable for purchase for the next few months. Thank-you for your patience, please keep checking here for updates.

Speak to anyone who has lived in a yurt and they will tell enthusiastically of the benefits. You feel at peace living in a circle. The soft linings make for cosiness and sympathetic acoustics. The geometry of the lattice, rafters and hub is mesmerising. The shape and size are efficient to heat. The shared space echoes our ancestors, and indeed many of the world's populations today, desire for communal living.

Yurt living also treads a little lighter on the planet, with less materials being used, timbers sourced locally and less large corporates being used to supply materials.

In todays' NZ, yurt living is also a more affordable means to take care of our basic human requirement for shelter. The housing booms of the last few decades have soared the cost of even modest homes to the fringes of affordability for everyday NZ families. The ratio of median income to median house price in NZ is among the highest in the world. Those of us who would like some land for growing our own food, fruit or community are excluded completely without the need to become slaves to unsustainable debt levels. This is where yurt living can help.

Although the days of being able to just throw a yurt up on the back of a block and live peacefully are gone due to tightening legislation from the Building Act, Resource Management Act and Council Regional Management Plans, all the relevant legislations can still be met with Origin Yurt's experience. And at a significantly reduced cost compared with conventional home constructions.

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